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Australia is one of the top countries in the world with very high education standards. Therefore, it isn’t surprising why some of the best universities and colleges in the world can be found here.

Choosing a course for study in Australia can be difficult, with so many high-quality options and so many beautiful places to live while you’re doing it. If you’re not sure where to begin, or if you think, you know where you’re going but want expert advice first, contact us before applying. Our qualified and experienced education agent in Australia would be delighted to hear your story and assist you in developing a comprehensive learning plan that will suggest where you want to go. And, thanks to our extensive institutional relationships, we can assist you in determining whether you’re looking at the right courses.

Plan Your Career in Australia with Our International Education Consultants

You can ensure that you are making an informed decision about your future studies by speaking with one of our Education Consultants Australia. There’s nothing worse than enrolling in a course that you’re not interested in and can’t get out of, or that will cost you thousands of dollars. Our extensive experience working with international students enables us to assist you in making the best decision based on your interests, aspirations, job outcomes, and financial considerations, as well as ensuring that you remain visa compliant as you transition from one course or provider to another. Speaking with us will provide you with complete peace of mind.

What We Do

  • StudyA3 is a highly experienced education agency in Australia.
  • We also assist our students with their visa and institution applications.
  • We provide education counselling and guidance to students who are interested to study in Australia, helping them to determine the most suitable study pathways.
  • At StudyA3, we have an international focus and welcome students from all over the world
  • We have broad networks, and target markets through both regional sub-agents and direct contact with schools and colleges
  • We also run workshops and conduct regular visits to our business partners and subagents, to keep them informed for new developments and updates
  • Our prospective students are mostly middle class and wealthy families, who are keen for children to receive a better education: with marketing campaigns and events held every year in our main markets

Our mission

Encourage and celebrate difference and promote excellence in our lives, by connecting and involving students from all around the world in a culture of mutual understanding and respect.

Education in Australia is the foundation of human experience. It is not only an important part of your professional life, but it also has a significant impact on your overall personality. Our threefold Education mission is to ‘Mentor’ the youth of this country to dream, ‘Motivate’ them to greater hopes and aspirations, and ‘Guide’ them on the right path to realise those dreams. Education Agents of Study A-3 are always with you in every step of the way to help you make the best decisions for enhancing your natural talents.

Our value

Study tour

We are experienced in coordinating study tours from start to finish, and provide tailored programs based on students age and interests.

  • Tailored study tour programs with a diverse activities and flexibility
  • Comfortable transport
  • Experienced teachers from reputable schools and / universities
  • Guided excursions to some of Australia’s most amazing attractions


By partnering with StudyA3, we can add significant additional value to your business and students

  • Reliable education consultants are available to support and direct your students in Perth and throughout Australia, thus eliminating the need for outside assistance.
  • A point of reference and excellent assistance is provided to all students in Australia, which ensures the highest quality services, without the extra expense of using another local office.
  • Students are much more likely to choose your agency, due to our local representation in Perth and Western Australia.
  • Should there be any dissatisfaction with their education providers, your students will receive immediate, high quality assistance.
  • Your agency will receive reliable access to Universities and Colleges, even though you may not have an agency agreement with them. This provides a much wider range of education providers for your students, as StudyA3represents most Universities and Colleges in Australia.

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