Why study in Perth

Why do you choose to Study in Perth?

Western Australia (WA) is truly the authentic Australian experience. The State is famous for its long days of sunshine, spotless blue skies and brilliant white beaches. It has also gained global recognition for its record low unemployment rate, booming economy and advanced developments in science and technology.

Perth, the capital city of WA, is ranked the world’s fourth “most liveable city” by The Economist (2008) and was recently voted as one of the world’s “top ten future cities”. The city has a long tradition of welcoming international students. In any given year, Perth attracts over 42,000 student enrolments from over 140 countries.

Perth offers a unique learning environment that nurtures creativity and provides access to unrivalled academic resources. You will find everything you need to achieve your potential… all in a city famed for its friendliness!

Here are eight great reasons to choose Perth as your study destination:


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