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StudyA3 Education is a highly experienced education agency located in Perth, Western Australia. We provide education counselling and guidance to students who are interested in higher education in Australia.

We assist our students with their visa and institution applications, also provide student services in many other areas, including airport pickup, overseas student health insurance, accommodation, banking, internships, employment and career advice. Social
network events allow new students to meet other international and local students as well. So basically We are helping students to determine the most suitable study pathways for higher studies in australia.

At StudyA3, we have an international focus and welcome students from many countries, including China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Bhutan, and Kenya. We are also becoming more active in the South American market and European market.

We have broad networks, and target markets through both regional sub-agents and direct contact with schools and institutions. Our prospective students are mostly middle class and wealthy families, who are keen for children to receive a better education with
marketing campaigns and events held every year in our main markets.

We also run workshops and conduct regular visits to our business partners and subagents, to keep them informed for new developments and updates.

Why australian institute is best for higher education:

An increase in the number of international students ascertains that the Australian institute is best for higher education. As per the reports of the International Education Advisory Council in 2013, it was predicted that the number of international students in Australia is estimated to rise by 30% by 2020.

Let’s put light on the benefits of studying higher education in Australia for International Students.

1. Australia is home to prominent universities and institutions- As per OECD indicators, After US and UK, Australia is the third most preferred place for international students. Five Australian universities have featured under the top 100 World University Rankings and 14 Australian universities have ranked among the top 50 universities of the world as per the Times Higher Education World Reputation Ranking.

2. Quality Education System- The prominent regulatory bodies and laws such as ESOS (The Education Services for Overseas Act 2000), ASQA (The Australian Skills Quality Authority), TEQSA, CRICOS, and National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007 ensure the Quality education system in Australia by registration of institutes and authorization of course to safeguards international students.

3. Globally Acknowledged Qualifications- Higher education in Australia has been designed with Australia’s National Policy AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) and integrates courses and qualifications from all sectors of education and training including universities, English language schools, VET institutes, etc to form a distinct qualification acknowledged all over Australia. The AQF ensures that the Australian qualification is acknowledged and recognized all across the world.

4. Opportunities after higher studies in Australia- The opportunity of studying further are one of the factors that influence international students to pursue their higher education in Australia. After completing your higher education in Australia, you can continue to pursue another course or PhD thesis by just applying for a new student visa or work visa.

5. Consumer protection rights and support services for international students- Australian institute for higher education offers

  • Overseas Students Ombudsman (OSO) Consumer Protection Rights
  • Tuition Protection Service
  • Students Associations

6. Scholarships- Scholarships in Australian universities are available for International students. The scholarships are mostly available for postgraduate research programs or exchange programs. The students are required to present their English language proficiency via the IELTS and apart from that, there is no such exam to qualify to get a scholarship in Australia.

7. Work while studying- for all the courses that are in session and do not have restricted hours, most of the student visas allow the students to opt for a job. A maximum of 20 hours per week are available for students for work and earn money in such courses. Part-time jobs, volunteering and internships are beneficial for the students to gain practical exposure in the work area and also help them bear their cost of living.

8. Safe destination- Australia is the combination of a range of cultures and traditions. It presents the citizens with a blend of different cultures and opens up various career options for the students. Australia is also one of the safest destinations for international students coming over to pursue their studies and achieve their dreams.


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