Education Pathways in Australia

Education Pathways are exclusively designed for the students who want to have a flourishing career but are stuck in the middle of their studies. They are not able to get into the field they wish to get into because of high academic competition, lack of academic accomplishment, lack of command over English language or other reasons. Education Pathway is the pathway to permanent residency in Australia as it offers many pathway options to the students to pursue their career and grab the opportunity to enter directly into
the undergraduate program via the pathway course.

Many PR Pathways in Australia offer numerous education pathways options that include various certificate courses, diploma, vocational education and training courses, bachelor’s degree, etc. It also provides one year programs that help you prepare for the undergraduate
course and get into it directly.

These education pathway programs are designed meticulously with industry consultation to ensure the overall skill enhancement of students.

What Are Education Pathways in Australia?

Education Pathways in Australia are the programs that are designed for the students who are unable to enter into the undergraduate program directly. Many times students are not able to meet the entry requirements of the undergraduate program because of the lack of
command over the English language, inadequate academic achievements, or some other reasons. To help such students, many prominent education institutions provide (certificate or Diploma) pathway programs that enable the students to enter into the undergraduate

Advantages of Education Pathways in Australia:

Education pathways Australia brings lots of advantages for the students who want to make their career in a particular field but for some reasons could not make it to the undergraduate program directly. Some of the significant advantages are-

  • Education Pathway is like a light of hope for the students to pursue their dream course that they missed out on because of not clearing the entrance exams or admission eligibility.
  • Students get to begin their studies at a lower level to understand if the field is right for them and also give them the experience to enter the higher education sector.
  • With pathway study, the students get ample time to improve their English language skills, enhance their knowledge and other valuable skills.
  • PR Pathways also helps the students settle well in the Australian lifestyle.
  • In some cases, the students also get awarded with RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). In that case, the students get to complete the course at the same time when the students who are admitted directly finish the course.

Our Education pathways options to study in Australia:

There are some prominent pathway options that universities or high education providers such as Stanley College Pathways offers. These education pathways options come in the duration of between three to four years.

  • Hospitality Management Pathway – it comes with the duration of 3 years and comprises SIT30616 Certificate III, SIT50416 Diploma and bachelor’s degree.
  • Commercial Cookery pathway– it comes with the duration of 4 years and comprises SIT30816 Certificate III, SIT40516 Certificate IV, SIT50416 Diploma and a bachelor’s degree.
  • Business Management Pathway- this course is available online for 3 years. It comprises 10904NAT Diploma, BSB50120 Diploma and a bachelor’s degree.
  • Early childhood education pathway– the duration of this pathway option is 3 to 4 years. It comprises CHC30113 Certificate III, CHC50113 Diploma and bachelor’s degree.

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