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Studying English in Australia is about much more than reciting words in a classroom. Our teaching approach focuses on critical thinking, as well as group and project work – all drawn from real-life experiences, which means you will not only be learning the language, you will be learning how to use it in everyday life.

By studying English in Australia, you will gain a huge range of life skills you cannot get at home. Invaluable skills like problem-solving, leading diverse teams of people, and applying your English to real-world situations – abilities you will draw on for the rest of your life. With a multicultural mix of students in our educational facilities, you will learn the world’s language in a truly international environment.

Types of English training

Australia offers a range of English courses to suit a range of study needs. These courses are offered in the ELICOS sector and are provided by secondary schools, TAFE institutes, universities, private colleges and specialist English language centres.

  • General English – improve general proficiency to access higher level courses; to improve your English for everyday use; to improve your English for travel; to improve your English for work purposes or to do casual work in an English speaking country
  • English for academic purpose – You want to study in an Australian school, vocational college or university
  • Examination Preparation – You plan to take an exam such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, or the Cambridge First Certificate

Vocational Education (VET)

VET courses are primarily offered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), which can be government-owned TAFE institutes or private colleges. Some dual-sector universities also offer VET courses in addition to higher education programs. Vocational Education and Training (VET) provides students with the skills and knowledge required to gain employment. Qualifications in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector include certificates I to IV, diplomas, advanced diplomas, vocational graduate certificates and vocational graduate diplomas. Whether you want to enter or re-enter the workforce, train for a new job, upgrade your skills or pursue further studies, VET courses will help you to meet your goals. Most popular VET courses are Business, Management, Hospitality, Health and Early Childhood Education, digital telecommunication.

Whether you want to enter or re-enter the workforce, train for a new job, upgrade your skills or pursue further studies, VET courses will help you to meet your goals.

Universities and Higher Education

StudyA3 Education is a highly experienced education agency located in Perth, Western Australia. We provide education counselling and guidance to students who are interested to study in Australia, helping them to determine the most suitable study pathways.

We assist our students with their visa and institution applications, also provide student services in many other areas, including airport pickup, overseas student health insurance, accommodation, banking, internships, employment and career advice. Social network events allow new students to meet other international and local students as well.

At StudyA3, we have an international focus and welcome students from many countries, including China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Bhutan, and Kenya. We are also becoming more active in the South American market and European market.

We have broad networks, and target markets through both regional sub-agents and direct contact with schools and institutions. Our prospective students are mostly middle class and wealthy families, who are keen for children to receive a better education with marketing campaigns and events held every year in our main markets.

We also run workshops and conduct regular visits to our business partners and subagents, to keep them informed for new developments and updates.

Education Pathways

If you don’t meet the entry requirements to get into the course you want in Australia, there are many pathways that can help you reach your goal. This might include studying in an Australian school, taking English language preparation or studying a vocational education and training course. Another pathway may be Foundation Studies – one-year intensive preparatory courses available through the majority of institutions. These will give you the skills you need to enter an undergraduate (Bachelor Degree) course.


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